Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maintaining Momentum

Whoops! I'm totally the worst.  If my blogging is any indication of how well I've been executing other life responsibilities... well, then you have a pretty good idea as to how much is getting done..


The truth of the matter is that I'm having way to much fun with everything going on to pay any measly attention to housewifery.  The upside of that is lots of fun, bougie activities... like.... wine tasting! showing horses! traveling to vacation homes and... working (kinda).
The horse.  doing what she does.

The Husband, looking like he might actually enjoy wine...
The group.  DEFINITELY enjoying wine
I wouldn't deign to complain about my situation, but... uh... well. It's not exactly working any wonders for my cooking/cleaning skills (or my waistline quite frankly). 

I have discovered one brilliant new recipe that's worth sharing -

Brad's Sausage Balls  (I tried to think of a better name, but Brad makes them.  And, well - they're balls of sausage). (Brad is the one in the stripey shirt, this is his invention)

One loaf delicious breakfast sausage (if you're in the northwest I recommend Isernio's )
A shake (or two) of Bisquick
A shake (or two) of grated cheddar cheese

Mash ingredients together with hands (like mixing beef with delicious things for hamburger patties)
Then drop quarter sized rounds onto an ungreased (sausage needs no grease!) cookie sheet and pop it into a hot (350ish) oven till golden and cooked through.

What I love about these little buggers (aside from their close relation to popcorn shrimp, popcorn chicken and any other "popcorn" sized fried thing) is that they are easy to eat, quick to make and make your house smell amazing while you then make some coffee or perhaps cut up some fruit for a salad (if you like that sort of thing). 

Me? I just stare obsessively at the oven waiting to get the little things out and dunked into a pot of maple syrup (the real stuff!) before downing all of them. 

(if you are a compulsive gobbler like yours truly I recommend chicken or turkey breakfast sausage so that you hate yourself a little less after eating an entire pound of these things).

Yup, Sausage Balls.  You'll thank me later.  But that's about all I've got.

Like Barbie says "Math Housekeeping is hard!"