Monday, January 23, 2012

Recovery Mode

The better part of the last week has been spent in total recovery mode.  Usually recovery denotes some sort of accident or injury that would require convalescence in order to properly heal (or recover if you will..) and return to a state of normalcy.

In this case however, both The Boy and I found ourselves desperately recovering from... nothing more than wonderful time with wonderful friends, and perhaps a few minor dance floor injuries (damn those sparkly Jimmy Choo's....)

Never the less, as the snow started falling in Seattle we scampered away from the Wedding and off to the mountains for what was to be a couple of romantic, relaxed nights.

Instead, I found myself in a downward spiral filled entirely with crappy cable television, food in bed, sleeping, more food in bed, and more crappy television.  There was lots of snow.  fortunately we manage to bear witness to it mostly through our window (god forbid we go outside for any exercise).  A summary of our time away went like this:

Arrive and eat dinner (room service, I refrained from photos, but it was wedge salads, a Reuben and some pesto pasta).  None of it was very delicious, but it was greasy, cheesy, and rich.  (YUM)

Later, we justified (more) champagne and some of our wedding cake that we had cleverly boxed to go (i just knew I would want some after the fact..)
Monday started with (more) room service, this time it was a decently healthy scramble for The Boy, but I couldn't decide between the waffles or a parfait.

Naturally I got (and ate) both.
In case you're concerned neither of those options included any type of breakfast meat - never fear the bacon and (and) sausage were in the waffle.  IN THE WAFFLE! how efficient...

Shortly after breakfast we ventured out for a meal in the bar (soups and salad... not greasy enough for me) but that only lasted a little while and I then demanded to be taken into town for some gross family mexican food.

Again I couldn't decide between nachos or fajitas so we got nachos and fajitas!! (pattern, much?)

In a shred of dignity I managed not to devour everything at once, so we returned to our (remaining) cake and wine for the night.

Tuesday met us with some sort of hibernation instinct, so while The Boy slept, I sat in bed and ate (more) of the mexican leftovers.  Imagine waking up to that... I can promise it's not a pretty sight.
sexy time
The snow then managed to close the mountain pass, which "stranded" us at the lodge (oh darn). but never fear!  To the bar we went for more food and drink (BLT? yes please!) before we dashed off at the first sign of the road opening to get home.

One might think that after gluttony like that on the heels of an extended celebration, we might be craving things like salads and sushi.  But no! The mexican craving has not subsided and I can now lay claim to 3 taco salads, 2 burritos, 1 breakfast burrito and nachos from 3 different establishments in the last 10 days.

Something might be wrong with me, but as long as it involves tortillas and guac - I don't wanna be right...

In terms of "suburban housewife skills" (or SHS), this might have to be chalked up as a slight failure, I haven't cooked once...

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